Debbie Clause Recording Fund


“THE BEGINNING” of the DCRF   (October 1, 2014)

On May 30, 2010, my sister Debbie was released from the pain she experienced in her life and made the Beautiful Mile towards Home.  As her brother I miss her infectious laugh, her incredible smile and her generous heart which has yet to be matched by any one else on this planet in my humble estimation.  She was a loving and caring sister and her presence in my life is missed tremendously each day.

FERMATA has been helping a handful of people over the years but I have felt frustrated by the inability to help more people than we can afford to.  It is also hard for a lot of us as artists to ask for help, which is another reason why the requests have been so few.

In a discussion with a young local musician, he asked if he could apply for money for his next recording through FERMATA.  I had never thought of it before and at the time we did not have enough “in the bank” to help and I also told him that FERMATA didn’t do that.  As I thought and prayed over the situation it made a LOT of sense to focus on a recording fund.  All musicians need help making records nowadays (this isn’t the 1970s and any major label is not able to give the support a record needs to have an audience).  My sister and I loved music, and even more, loved going on record shopping trips with my Dad to Toronto to the Big Three (Sams, A&As and Peter Dunn’s).  Those trips are some of the most important memories I have growing up.  It made sense to remember my sister in a way that would help new music be created and promoted, thus I have named this fund after her (with the blessing of her daughter, Hanna), the Debbie Clause Recording Fund (DCRF).

Our first fundraising show will be Imagine Peace on October 4, 2014 and then of course, the YOU CAN DO THAT shows happening in December at the Pearl Company.  The plan for the Fund is to start the submission process in February 2015.  A group of people hand picked from the Hamilton music industry as well as from Graceworks Baptist Church and other interested parties will select three possible candidates.  In May/June of 2015 we will hold a special celebration concert featuring all three selected artists/groups performing on stage as well as sharing information about their art at their merch tables (networking).  At the end of the evening, where the audience will now potentially be fans of these three candidates, Hanna (Debbie’s daughter) will select the winning candidate via a draw.

If you are interested in getting involved (volunteering)  or you would like more information about DCRF or FERMATA please contact me at  Keep your eyes on this site over the next few months for updates and developments.

I know Debbie would be honoured to be a part of encouraging the making of new local records.  Hamilton is filled with some of the best songwriters in the country.  It is our hope to remind our city and the world how important new music is to the health and well being of our society.  I look forward to seeing you all this weekend at IMAGINE PEACE and on December 5 and 6 at the Pearl Company!


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